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K-37 Helicopter Extraction System

The above photograph shows the Zvezda K-37 Helicopter Extraction System used in the Ka-50 and Ka-52 attack helicopters. Not a true ejection seat, this system is closer to the Stanley Aircraft developed YANKEE extraction system used in the A-1H Skyraider and its variants.

Unfortunately I have been unable to acquire a better photograph or more information. Due to this lack of information, I am only presenting the basic information on how this system works.

The system jettisons the five blades of the main rotor with explosive bolts at the roots on initiation. Then the canopy glass is jettisoned and the rocket assembly, the white cylinder at the top, is catapulted out of the cockpit. This is connected by a lanyard system to the aircrew and once the rocket ignites, this lanyard is used to extract the aircrew. The parachute is deployed rapidly afterwords.

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